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About Us

iappraisal is an Appraisal Management Company headquartered in Central Texas.  Founded by appraisers with over thirty years of experience in the industry, iappraisal brings a unique approach to the cycle. We offer lenders a customized process for their appraisal orders while providing support to our appraiser panel. 

iappraisal offers:

  • A simplified process to ensure quality and consistency

  • Customized services for loan officers

  • Guidance for appraisers

  • Conclusive technical reviews

  • Automated valuation reports

We participate in industry organizations like local MBAs, HBA, Appraisal Institute, ATA, which raises our profile and allows for us to be educated as to current market expectations and concerns.

Iappraisal has a strong reputation in the industry for adding value to each touch of the appraisal process; We are the preferred choice for local market participants including builders, realtors, brokers, lenders and appraisers.

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